Sending faxes via E-Mail


Faxes can be sent using your existing E-mail client (Outlook, Outlook Express, and Mozilla Thunderbird are examples of such clients). Faxes can also be sent from the web interface of your favorite mail service like Office365, Outlook OWA, Gmail, Yahoo, MSN or any other similar service.


You may only send faxes from email addresses that are registered users of the CloudFax service unless otherwise notified by your administrator.  If you work for ABC Company and your email address is the registered address for sending and receiving mail via the CloudFax service, then you can send faxes via any email client capable of sending mail from the account  However you cannot send mail from your account as it would not be recognized as a registered user of ABC Company.  If you need to send from multiple addresses or addresses that don not share the same domain as the registered user account ( then you will need to request any alternate email addresses you may have be established as registered users.


To send a fax with your mail client:


1) Create a new email.

2) Enter a subject and type a message, as you would for a normal email.

a. The subject and message will be displayed on the cover sheet

  i.  Plain text and HTML formats are supported in the message body for outgoing faxes as well as embedded images in the HTML message body.

3) Attach any files you want to fax to the email as if you were emailing the attachments.

4) In the recipient filed (To), enter the fax destination in the following syntax:


  i.  Faxnumber = 10 digit fax number with no dashes or spaces (4805551212)

  ii. = the domain address of the CloudFax fax services.

b. For example to send a fax to the number 480-555-1212 you would enter the following as the To address in your email:


5) Hit send like you would on any normal email.


The fax is sent and you will receive a notification via email if your Site administrator has enabled fax notifications.