If the Cordless handset says "Forbidden" or "IP Line Unavailable" Please first verify that your location and phone has a working internet connection

STEP 1. POWER OFF THE HANDSET that is showing the error on its display. Power OFF the handset by long-pressing the RED (or End Call Button) until the screen goes dark.  Once the handset if OFF, press the RED button again until you see "Welcome!". Wait several seconds and then enter a 10 digit phone number and place a call by pressing the GREEN call button. If that does not resolve the issue continue.


On the Cordless Handset Press the Center "OK" button 'Status' will be at the top of the screen. Press Up one time until you see "Settings" on the top of the screen, press the OK button again; Press the UP arrow three times until you see "System Settings" Press OK.  Select "Handset Reset" Press OK.  You will see "Reset Handset to default?"  Select Yes or OK.  Handset is now reset, attempt to make a call.  If this fails continue:

If rebooting and resetting the handset does NOT resolve the issue:

STEP 3.  REBOOT THE BASE  Please locate and reboot the Black Box pictured above. Labeled "Yealink Base for W52/PW56P" or "Yealink W52P"  it will have 3 GREEN lights on it.  You reboot the base by disconnecting the power until all three green lights extinguish.  Once all 3 lights are OFF- Re-connect the power.  Wait until all 3 lights are lit and then attempt a call.

If you are a CloudNet Group Customer AND the above steps do not restore service, please submit a trouble ticket using the above links or emailing support at support@cloudnetgroup.com  You may also call our help support desk from 8:00AM-7:00PM EDT(5:00AM-4:00PM PDT) M-F at 855-216-4334