If you are receiving an Access Denied message, you might be trying to log into a stale or redirected address (URL). 

Please use only the following URL procedure to connect to the Admin Portal of the Call Center.

STEP 1.     Verify the correct URL for your account: Use the following naming scheme to determine the correct login web address.


STEP 2.      Replace <ClientID> with the Client ID given to you by CloudNet Group

                       After you type the address hit [Enter]

STEP 3.     Bookmark this URL and keep it handy to log in again.

    Note:If the Admin Portal web page times out (after 10 minutes) you will be redirected to a login page you cannot use. The result is a “Access Denied” on the login page.  You must type or use only the exact URL

    You should see the following login window:

If this fails you may need to have your password reset.  Contact your Call Center Supervisor.  You may submit a trouble ticket using the above links or emailing support at support@cloudnetgroup.com You may also call our help support desk from 8:00AM-7:00PM EST M-F at 855-216-4334