To Review, Create or Modify the voice greetings on your IVR (Interactive Voice Responder).  There are two methods to update:


UPLOAD Pre-Recorded Prompts VIA THE ADMIN PORTAL: Log in to the Admin portal of the CNG Hosted Call Center:

Select the correct directory/folder containing the audio prompt you wish to revise.(Any, English, Spanish etc)  Note: Prompt Files reside in a separate ENG or SPA folder only if your IVR has a language selection menu.  If your IVR does not have a language selection menu, then ALL the prompt files will reside in the Any folder.

Once you have identified the prompt file you wish to upload, click on Create New Version

When you click on Create New Version, navigate to, then select the pre-recorded audio file, enter revision comments and click upload.

Click Listen to confirm your new prompt has been uploaded.



Using this method, you will dial into an automated recording studio and speak the prompts exactly as you want them to play. You will need a few pieces of information before you are ready to dial in:-

        1.     Your 9 digit Account Access code given in the form ####-#####

                If you have need this code, please call CloudNet Group Support at (480) 745-3900 or open a support ticket by emailing:


        2.    The IVR number of the IVR you wish to update prompts for.  This number is visible by hovering you mouse over the name of an IVR in the Admin Portal see below Xfr to Support is IVR 6115

        The Prompt #s (listed in the Admin Portal for the specific IVR your are wishing to update). If you are unsure, contact CloudNet Group Support

  1. A Written Script of the prompt you are wishing to record

Once you have these items Dial in to (844)-361-5501


Once you dial in follow the instructions:

 "Please enter the digits before the dash"

        Use your phone keypad to enter the digits of your IVR Passcode appearing before the dash. Once you have entered these digits and have pressed # you will be prompted by the following message:

 "Please enter the digits after the dash" Press pound (#) when you are done entering.

            Use your phone keypad to enter the last 5-digits of your IVR Number.

  1. If your IVR has only one language, press 1 
  2. If your IVR has multiple languages press 2

     Please be sure to refer to the prompt list as seen listed in the Admin Portal or as supplied by CloudNet Group …


        Select the correct language menu. General, press 1. English, press 2. French, press 3. Spanish, press 4.

        Select the folder (1-4). CloudNet Group Support can supply you a complete list of 3-digit prompt numbers and the language/folder they need to be recorded in. 


    Once you have accessed the Recording Studio, you will hear the following message:

     To record a prompt, press 1. To listen to a prompt, press 2. To retrieve a previously saved prompt, press 3. To return to the language menu, press 4.

    Use your phone keypad to select the above mentioned Menu Option needed.

  • If you are modifying an existing prompt, you may press 1 to re-record, though you may wish to listen to it first by pressing 2.
  • If you previously saved a prompt without publishing it, press 3 to retrieve and publish that prompt. Please see below for corresponding menu options.
  • To record a prompt:

    1. Press 1 on your phone keypad.
    2. Enter the 3-digit prompt number you wish to record, followed by the # key.
    3. After the tone, please begin recording. When you are finished, press the pound key.

    4. When you hear the tone, capture your recording and then press the # key.
  • To listen to the recording, press 1. To re-record, press 2. To save and publish this recording, press 3. To save without publishing, press 4.

    1. Always listen to a prompt before saving it. Listen for background noise, the speaking flow and clarity of message. The prompt may be re-recorded as many times as necessary, when you are satisfied press 3 to save and publish.
  • Note: Once you press 3 to save and publish a prompt, it will be live on your IVR.

For more detailed explanation of the dial in recording studio visit: