There are Two ways Call Center Agents can Access the CCA to answer calls to your call center:

  • Windows Desktop (MSI) Application (preferred method) follow instructions below:
  • Browser Interface (Web CCA) In other environments Mac, Linux etc  the CCA is available through a browser interface. (Current Version of Chrome is recommended)  For Instructions on this process click here

How to Install and set up the Windows Desktop MSI CCA Application:

Agent will need:

<account id>



Phone Number where they will receive calls from the queue

Agent settings are defined by the local Call Center Administrator or contact CloudNet Group 480-745-3900 for assistance.

Download the Windows Desktop application here: Download CCA Installer  

or copy and paste in your browser:

Call Center Administrators and Authorized User Agents can download the MSI Under the Client Software section of the Admin Portal.

Once downloaded make sure you have or know the:

<account id>



Phone Number where to receive calls from the queue


Once the Agent has downloaded the CCA application, launch the installer and follow the installer instructions.  When installed open the application by clicking on the icon:

Click on Connection settings Enter the Account ID  if needed:

The Phone Number is the Telephone Number that the Call Center Software is ring for the Agent to Answer:

Once the agent is signed in they will see their status and any Queues that they are qualified to answer calls from as well as any times calls are holding in queues:

The Agent is now ready to receive calls through the CCA