There are Two ways Call Center Agents can Access the CCA to answer calls to your call center:

  • Windows Desktop (MSI) Application (preferred method) click here
  • Browser Interface (Web CCA Portal) In non Windows environments Mac, Linux etc  the CCA is available through a Web interface. Current Version of Chrome is recommended: Instructions continue below:

How to Access Browser Interface (Web CCA Portal):

Agent will need:

<account id>



Phone Number where they will receive calls from the queue

Agent settings are defined by the local Call Center Administrator or contact CloudNet Group 480-745-3900 for assistance.

Open a web browser and enter: https://<account id>

REPLACE <account id> with your company's unique Account Id. Contact your Call Center Administrator if you are unsure.

You will see the following login page:

Sign In using Username, Password and Phone Number of the device that the call center will ring for you to receive calls.

When ready to receive calls, select from the Pulldown Menu to make yourself Available (These status items and functions are customized by your Call Center Administrator)

Available means you are set to receive calls.  

You will see the queues you are qualified to answer as well as any calls waiting, time holding etc.

Sign Out When you are have completed your shift, using the pulldown menu to the right: