To Record or Upload Audio Files for your Auto Attendant (Basic): you need ADMINISTRATOR  Login Credentials of the Department or Business Group you are wishing to administer. Contact or 855-216-4334 to obtain.

Navigate to

Click on the CLOUD PBX ADMIN PORTAL button

Enter the Admin Phone Number and Password and Login

 If unsure contact CloudNet Group Support at 855-216-4334 or email


This is the AdministratorCommportal you will see the following; Click on Attendants

You will see all your Auto Attendant Lines listed here.  Locate the AA you wish to revise and click the Actions Pulldown

Then Click the View attendant settings

From the pop up window select  the Open Attendant Settings OR Open in New Window (resize window if necessary)

If you have A Business Hours Menu and a Non-Business Hours Menu Both will be listed at the top tabs.  If you have a single menu only one will be displayed.  

Click on the menu you wish to review or revise.

Click on the listen/change to open the recorder/player.

The Recorder/Player window opens:

From this window you modify or listen to your recording;

Note: You may wish to BACK UP your existing recording by clicking the Download Announcement button if you may wish to revert to the original recording.

By Pressing the play button 

You will hear the playback of current recording.

To Record a New Greeting Press the Red Record button 

Your new Auto Attendant Recording is now Active

"What if I do not have a microphone accessible from my computer"

Alternately, you can record your own 8Bit .wav file and upload it by clicking on the Upload Announcement feature. 

After clicking Upload announcement:

Navigate to the location of the 8bit WAV file and select. 

TIP You can use Voice Messages accessible in Commportal or as a Voicemail to Email feature as your Auto Attendant Recordings

If you do not have a microphone attached to your computer.  Call your extension, leave yourself a voicemail exactly as you wish.  Using Commportal or the voicemail to email feature, locate the .wav file attachment and use that to upload your announcement.

Once you have the 8Bit WAV file located, click the OK button and the file will appear in the window.

Click Upload and Save

Your new Auto Attendant Recording is now Active