If your Auto Attendant (AA) has two different menu options- Business Hours and Non-Business Hours, A Schedule is set.  If your business hours change, you may wish to view or revise the times those menus function. Call handling rules on a Main number being handled by an ICM (Incoming Call Manager) may also have to be adjusted and are covered in a different section. [link to be added here].

To access the scheduling functions of your Auto Attendant: you need the internal number of your Auto Attendant (usually a non-published number) OR ADMINISTRATOR  Login Credentials for the Business Group you are wishing to administer. Contact support@cloudnetgroup.com or 855-216-4334 to obtain.  

Using the Internal Number of the AA- Go to www.cloudnetgroup.com/support


Click on the CLOUD PBX USER PORTAL button and login using the credentials for the AA Contact support@cloudnetgroup.com or 855-216-4334 to obtain.  

Once logged in you will see the Home screen. Click on Schedule to access the schedule

You will notice the color block associated with the period labeled.  Below, Business Hours are in BLUE Non-Business Hours are WHITE.

By the default Time Blocks are in Hourly segments.  If you wish to fine tune the schedule to 1/4 hour increments press the Zoom In Link

If Zoom In link is clicked you can set the schedule in 15 minute increments

To Configure Special Days, Vacations Holidays or times when your Business Hours Menu should NOT function.  Click on the Special Days icon on the right.

Your Auto Attendant Hours and Special Days are now set be sure to click the Apply Button to save your changes.

Your revised schedule or special days are configured for your Auto Attendant

If you are uncertain or have additional questions please contact support@cloudnetgroup.com or 855-216-4334 to obtain.