ICM (Incoming Call Manager) is a powerful tool available to CloudNet Group Customers.  An ICM is commonly used to handle time-of-day call routing for a Main Line(s) of a business. 

An ICM allows different call routing and handling depending on the time or day of the week.  A local ADMINISTRATOR can access these functions via CommPortal and change them as business needs or scheduling needs require.

If you are an ADMINISTRATOR go to the our CloudNet Group Support Site  cloudnetgroup.com/support

Click on the Cloud PBX User Portal button

Log in using your ICM User credentials.  

    If unsure email support or  call 855-216-4334 Opt 1

You will now see the Summary page of your ICM


 From this page, you have access to call handling Rules, the Weekly Schedule of when these Rules apply, and the ability to define Special Days (Holidays) when you wish alternate handling of calls to apply.

Click on the Rules Tab to view the set of Rules Currently Defined.  

        Sets of Rules are Call Handling rules that you can assign to different time periods:  

        Business HoursAfter Hours, Lunch, Week Day, Weekend or Evening, special Forwarding Rules  etc. 

Example of Rule Sets are seen below:

Select a Set of Rules you wish to view or modify and Click Edit

From the Edit Screen you have many options available.  Most Common are:

            forward to:(enter a number)

            send to voicemail:

            ring More than one phone at a time or in a sequence, 

The radio button indicated the rule that is applied. Below we are going to show how to ring multiple phones in a sequence, creating a ring group.

In this example we are choosing to ring more than one phone.

Click Next

This screen allows you to customize the ring pattern of the call flow handled by the ICM.  The ICM will ring a series of extensions or phone numbers in the order you define.  The last line indicates what happens when the call flow reaches the end of the sequence.  In this case the call flow goes to the Voicemail Box of the ICM.

You can see the shaded BLUE area is the actual ringing of each of the listed extensions or phone numbers.  To add an additional line to the ring sequence, Enter the Phone Number and define the start and end times that number or extension should ring and click Add

You can adjust the ringing time for a line by dragging the blue arrows.

Click on Weekly Schedule to Define your schedule.

    Note: You can define 4 periods of different call handling types.  3 Colored Block Periods and A Null Period [White Blocks] which is defined as "All Other Times" on the Summary Tab

Click Add New Period to create a new period, Rename a period  AFTER CHANGES ARE MADE CLICK Apply in the upper right corner to save changes.

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